“Benefits of having a worm composting bin.”

If you’re new to composting, there is a lot you should learn before getting started. Worm composting bins are extremely popular with gardeners as well as any individuals that want to reduce the amount of waste they throw away. When you first make one of these, you will use boxes, egg cartons and cereal boxes mixed with kitchen food scraps for the worm food. Once you fill up the container, you can add in the worms and let them dig in.

It’s important to always keep dry newspaper on top of the bin (shredded) so the moisture doesn’t get out of control.

Benefits of Worm Composting Bins

One of the biggest benefits of having a worm composting bin is that you will reduce the amount of waste you actually put in the trash can. There are a lot of different food scraps that you can put in your compost that will naturally compost while inside. This means you might not need to purchase trash bags for a while and you won’t have to contribute as much trash as you might have before. Since the bin is self-contained you won’t have to worry about it making a mess or becoming an eye sore.

Other Benefits of Worm Composting

The compost isn’t only beneficial for reducing waste; it’s also great for your own soil! You can easily use this in your garden to help your plants grow bigger and stronger. Some people even sell their compost because other people really like the richness of it when compared to store-bought soil. The soil that comes from the compost with worms is actually seven times richer than regular compost that is made from bacteria and fungi.

Using Worm Compost for Fishing

The worms that are in the bin can also be used for individuals who enjoy going fishing. Red worms are the types that are used and these will reproduce while they are in there. You can use these for fishing or you can even put them in the garden to create a worm tower.

 Use a Worm Composting Bin

Composting is something you can do all throughout the year, it’s not just for one season only. The bin is meant to be kept in an indoors area where it will be sheltered, so weather won’t become an issue, especially when it’s raining or snowing. You also don’t have to do anything to keep this compost bin going, it’s self-sustaining. The worms will do all of the work as long as you keep adding in the scraps of food and newspaper. You don’t even have to add water to this like you would with other types of bins.

This is something families can make together as an activity everyone can get involved with. Kids can learn a lot about worms, gardening and the earth when they are helping their parents with this. Since there really is no downside to making one of these, you might want to try it out! There are a lot of resources online that can help you get started with the process. Even videos are available that will walk you through the steps of making the worm compost bin.